UNITE: Pioneers of Prosthetic Design

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Thu, Jan 17 - 19:30

Nift Networks

Boston, Suffolk County



What is possible for the present and future of prosthetic design? Amazing advances are happening in the fields of prosthetics and bionics. Surgeons and prosthetic designers are working together to change lives. This panel discussion highlights pioneers of prosthetic and bionic innovation. Dr. Matthew Carty, Shriya Srinivasan, and Jim Ewing will discuss their roles in the field and tackle the burning questions we have about the future of bionics. Panel moderated by Brian Heckathorn. 

The rewards and challenges of being a pioneer, from the standpoint of the practitioner, designer, and patient. The extensive vetting process to find the right patient and the importance of building a relationship of trust.

The process of identifying a problem and going about solving that problem. With each leap forward we are pushing the limits for what it means to live with limb loss and/or limb difference. Are there limits? Can we truly recreate the human form?

What's next for prosthetic, amputee, and bionic design? Where do robotics, artificial intelligence, and bionics fit into our future as a society?

Prepare for an exciting exchange of ideas with our diverse panel sponsored by BCBS, taking place on Thursday, January 17th. Enjoy a night of amazing conversation, drinks, light apps, and networking. Bring your questions and explore the world of prosthetic design with us!
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UNITE is a quarterly event series showcasing the intersection of design and everything else. Each UNITE event brings together four thought leaders around a complex topic like entrepreneurship, healthcare, data visualization, and local manufacturing – and only one of the panelists is a designer. During the event, all four panelists bring a unique perspective to the conversation and interact with the audience to explore the topic. Following each discussion are drinks, networking, music, and fun. UNITE events are hosted and sponsored by various generous businesses of the Greater Boston area. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, please check out our host page here for more information.

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