Troye Sivan: The Bloom Tour with special guest Kim Petras

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Fri, Oct 12 - 18:30

Boch Center - Wang Theatre

Boston, Suffolk County

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20-year-old Troye Sivan is about to unleash a body of work which encompasses the sound of youth in all its adolescent glory - equal parts bravery, pride, vulnerability, ambition and “don't give a fuck” naiveté . You’ll hear collaborations with some of music’s best new futurists. You’ll hear his fervent fanbase, millions strong, sing alongside him. You’ll hear words he wrote in his bedroom... More than anything, you’ll hear honesty.

“There’s just been so much growth since TRXYE,” says Sivan, of the debut EP that found him critical acclaim at the same time that it became impossible to ignore, topping the iTunes album chart in 66 countries around the world and landing at # 5 on the Billboard 200.

WILD reveals that growth to the world, a six track showcase of Troye’s musical vision: dark, infectious pop music at its most organic. With WILD Troye has taken his time to meticulously craft a body of work that makes his first definitive statement as an artist and he wants to take his fans on this journey with him. WILD is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole that introduces us to a wider world of music to come from Sivan in the near future.

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