Touch This Page! A Symposium on Ability, Access, and the Archive

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Thu, Apr 04 - 12:00

Universidad Northeastern

Boston, Suffolk County



In conjunction with the exhibition "Touch This Page! Making Sense of the Ways We Read," this symposium will explore the issues of ability, access, and the archive at the intersection of the Humanities and Engineering. From 12-6 on Thursday, 4 April 2019, at Northeastern, the symposium will feature conversation about the possibilities and applications of technologies to redefine access to archival materials. From 9-5 on Friday, 5 April, at Harvard, the symposium will look from these conversations to the help us reimagine both how we can create the collaborations necessary to improve access to archival objects and also what access can mean in the future.

Confirmed speakers include: 

Rachel Adams, Columbia University 
Kim Charlson, Perkins School for the Blind
Catherine Kudlick, San Francisco State University
Robert McRuer, George Washington University 
Mara Mills, New York University 
Benjamin Reiss, Emory University 
Matthew Rubery, Queen Mary University of London

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