The Rollercoaster Ride of RNAi, mRNA and Editing Therapeutics - IAP 2019

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Wed, Jan 23 - 13:30

25 Carleton St

Cambridge, Middlesex County



The Rollercoaster Ride of RNAi, mRNA and Editing Therapeutics: From Obscurity to a $30B Industry
Novel therapeutic platforms usually go through the phases of initial enthusiasm, followed by a trough of disappointment to meet the initial hype, and then after years of solving the technical challenges commercial clinical success is achieved.  

Nucleic acids drugs targeting RNA and the genome provide excellent examples of these cycles. 

Tod Woolf (Technology Licensing Officer) will describe work of his biotech teams and other biotechs in the area of antisense, RNAi and therapeutic editing that reflect phases of these boom bust cycles, with an emphasis on how chemical modification of nucleic acid drugs contributed to the enablement of nucleic acid therapeutic platforms.

This session is part of the "Intellectual Property Speaker Series" co-sponsored by the MIT Technology Licensing Office and MIT Libraries. Lunch will be provided to attendees of the Intellectual Property Speaker Series events. 

Please register for the seminar and lunch.
We will also be giving away some branded MIT Libraries and Technology Licensing Office swag to participants who attend any 6 sessions from this series, so please check out our other sessions!

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