The Art of Experience: How Immersive Tech Is Changing the Art World

Thu, May 23 - 22:00

44 Tehama St

San Francisco, San Francisco County

Art and Culture


Digital media is conquering every exhibition space. Museums as well as artists are adopting new technologies to intensify the interaction between art and audience: Mixed reality, 3D animations, fulldome, wearable technology, machine olfaction, and holography are just some of the tools at an artist’s disposal. The new objective in art is to create immersive and interactive experiences that appeal to all senses. However, this ongoing digital (r)evolution is profoundly changing the DNA of the art world as we know it.
How can artists use technology to their advantage without sacrificing the quality of the content? How do we determine the value, uniqueness, and authenticity of an art piece if it’s stored on a hard drive? Are we facing a critical paradigm shift in consumer behaviour that will irrevocably alter the mechanisms of the art market?
Our panel of experts will discuss a broad scope of questions related to emerging technologies and the immersive art experience they aim to design.

Jennifer Snyder, Director of Digital Experience, SFMOMA
Nadav Hochman, Project Director for Digital Art, Tech Innovation Museum
Barry Threw, Board of Directors & EP, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts
Katie Hazard, Associate Director, Burning Man Project
Kristina Kulakova, PR & Marketing Director, viennacontemporary
Moderated by Clara Blume, Deputy Director Art & Science, Open Austria

Panel discussion from 7pm - 8pm followed by a Networking dinner reception.

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