Terraforming Mars: A Conversation with Casey Handmer of NASA JPL

Thu, May 16 - 22:00

1900 E 7th Pl

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County



Terraforming Mars

Getting to Mars is really, really hard. But once we’re there, how do we colonize it? How do we engineer the surface and climate to be hospitable to humans? What are the Martian challenges that make life particularly unpleasant for Earthlings?

Casey Handmer of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory discusses these and other questions during a conversation on terraforming Mars. The discussion will be held at Mothership Lab, the synthetic biology incubator in the Arts District of DTLA.

This event will kick off the Mothership Speaker Series, a sequence of discussions with leaders in the scientific community that seek to explore topics as diverse as interplanetary colonization, synthetic biology, consciousness, and quantum gravity and the shape of inner space.

Speaker: Casey Handmer
Software Systems, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; previously Levitation Engineer, Hyperloop One

Casey works at NASA JPL developing software for a passive GPS-based multistatic radar receiver, particularly focused on Earth surface and atmospheric observations.

Casey is a prolific writer on Mars exploration and industrialization, including as the author of “How to Get to Earth from Mars: Solving the Hardest Part First” and “How To Industrialize Mars: A Strategy For Self-Sufficiency. How To Settle A Lethal Vacuum In 400 Easy Steps”. Prior to JPL, Casey was a levitation engineer at Hyperloop One.

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