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Sat, Jan 19 - 18:30

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Somerville, Middlesex County



Equal parts relationship skills games + speed date, you’ll share a moment of guided connection with up to 24 dates in a traditional Puja circle.
Exercises are fun, PG-rated (light partner yoga, actor’s improv, verbal diads, eye-gazing, dance), and infused with positive relating skills. You’ll walk away not only with matches, but with a refreshing perspective on what relationships can be
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Boston, MA - Sat, Oct 20
Boston, MA - Sat, Dec 1 Ages 28-42

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IMPORTANT DETAILS:* Please arrive in time to check in and receive your dating materials.* Ceremony will begin 30 minutes after published start time.  Doors will be closed for duration of ceremony.  LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. (See cancellation/late policy below)* Door tickets (cash only) are subject to capacity and gender balance. Event does sell out so pre-purchase online to guarantee your spot. Online sales end 3 hours before event start. 

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What is Tantra Yoga?
Well, for starters, it's not what you saw in the movie American Pie! Tantra is thousands of years old and has become a buzzword, which unfortunately has some misleading definitions. Translated from Sanskrit, it means "weaving," which we have come to understand as oneness. Bringing oneness to yourself and consciousness to what you do. The exercises involving breathing and meditation that are a part of Tantra are designed to bring you into a state of being more present. And who doesn't want to be more present, right?
What is a Puja?
A Puja is an intentional ceremony. Translated from Sanskrit it means reverence, honor, an offering. It is a ritual designed to open our hearts and allow us to see the inner beauty within ourselves and all beings. It invites us into the elegant dance of masculine and feminine in a warm space of oneness and connection--what a great way to start your first date!
What does it look like?
Participants form two circles facing each other. The men form the outside circle and the women form the inside, with each woman facing a man. Each pair then share a meaningful exchange through a directed exercise (a Puja “station”), which can be for a few seconds or a few minutes. Then they put their hands in Namaste, thank each other and--like a speed date--rotate to the next person. The ceremony ends when everyone has rotated full circle.
What are some of the exercises?
We’ll do some basic connection exercises: breathing, meditation, light partner yoga, speaking a vulnerability, eye-gazing, dance, conscious touch (holding hands, hands on heart)… things that go a bit beyond the obligatory “what do you do/where are you from.” And you’re always invited to go as deep as you choose.
What if I don’t feel comfortable doing the exercises?
Thanks for asking! We take consent very seriously, and we have a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior. While the exercises are straightforward and fun—and we have been told we do an excellent job creating a safe container—you are always 100% at choice for how you wish to participate. Just like in yoga, when you find a pose you’re not comfortable with, you have the option to modify, or completely opt out of any exercise. Everyone is encouraged to participate at their own comfort level, and our facilitators go over what that looks like at each event, so everyone is clear before we begin.
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Your Facilitators: Jake & Sharon
With extensive professional coach training and private practice since 1998, and having lead groups for globally renowned thought-leader and bestselling author Cheryl Richardson, certified Orgasmic Meditation coach Sharon Day brings mindfulness to sexuality and relationship in classes and private sessions. She also occasionally designs and builds sustainable, nourishing homes, including her most recent project, a movable tiny house. Most importantly, she will giggle if you play with her. Certified Orgasmic Meditation coach, Jake spends his days growing his electronics and computing business, as well as tinkering with his classic cars. If you want to make him grin, ask him about his winter sport: curling.

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