Swarovski Crystal-Cuff Bracelet- Jewelry Class

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Sat, Jan 26 - 14:00

669 Tremont St

Boston, Suffolk County



A few years back, a friend taught Stacy how to make the advanced right-angle weave bracelet show here, and she went wild! With over 400 4mm Swarovski crystals, the cuff is simply stunning, and at Hidden Jewel, it’s one of our most popular items.

Now you can learn how to make your own advanced right-angle weave bracelet, in an array of colors. The metal beads and crystals, as well as fire-line and two needles are all included in the cost of this class workshop. Plus, every class participant will receive her/his own copy of Hidden Jewel’s complete, step-by-step instructions—including photos—showing how to make your own crystal cuffs at home. And once you learn how to make this cuff using the crystals, you can make others, to give as tantalizing gifts or keep as your own treasures, studded with beads or even pearls
Instructor: Stacy Connolly      Class fee: $120

 More questions? Check out our website:   www.hiddenjewelse.com 
or  email hiddenjewelse@gmail.com  Class size is limited, so register early...

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