SVA Short Film Fest 2019!

Thu, May 16 - 18:00

333 W 23rd St

New York, New York County



The SVA MPS Directing Program invites you to join us for our end of year film festival! 
16 films tailor-made to engage with the top of your intelligence and the depths of your sense of humor!
Thursday, May 16th & Friday, May 17th
Screening 6:30 - 9 pm
Reception  9 - 10 pm
Q&A and Awards follow each screening

Thursday, May 16th
The Bridge, a film by Peifei WuPete's Valve, a film by Katy May HudsonShow & Tell, a film by Sakshi GurnaniMidair, a film by Zhaoxin LiuThe Fiddle Player, a film by Jingnan WangThe Quiet, a film by Mateo MárquezNikita, a film by Natural LangdonThe Last Peach of the Season, a film by Yifan CaoFriday, May 17th
Films:The Truck, a film by India McKinneyOjos Que No Ven, a film by Abraham RozenbaumEnclosure, a film by Tingting LIAirborne, a film by Wei TaoDaisy Desire, a film by Lea SassiPicture of Isabel, a film by Shutong FanBloodflowers, a film by Miguel VillalbaAleita, a film by Seungwon Park

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