Sunday Oddities Flea Market LA General Admission Ticket

Sun, May 19 - 15:00

742 S Broadway

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

Art and Culture


The Oddities Flea Market is now offering pre-purchase General Admission tickets to our Los Angeles event on May 19th at the Globe Theater! Want to ensure that you can gain access at 12PM? This ticket is a sure way to guarentee that you get through the doors as early as possible! These are not VIP tickets, but you will be able to line up on a separate line to enter before the masses. Children under 10 are free! 

Join us at the Globe Theater for the Oddities Flea Market, a curious, curated collection of the best purveyors of the odd and unique. Hailing from Brooklyn, this is an affair you won't want to miss.Feast your eyes on medical history ephemera, anatomical curiosities, natural history items, osteological specimens, taxidermy, obscure home decor, jewelry, one of a kind dark art, and more. This absolutely awe-inspiring market of the most incredible, unique oddities is taking up residence at the historic Globe Theater on May 18th & 19th. Inside, you'll find three floors of unusual vendors from across the country, hand-picked by curator Ryan Matthew Cohn.

(Also look out for tickets to a special evening event on Saturday, 18th! More to come.)

We are proud to have an incredible lineup of sponsors including:Memento Mori LACentury GuildBearded Lady Vintage & OdditiesL'ecole Des FemmesDark Art Emporium Black Phoenix Alchemy LabVeneration of Light

The Oddities Market will feature a variety of top-tier artists and purveyors of the curious including:Ryan Matthew CohnAtlas ObscuraMOTHMEISTERL'ecole Des FemmesBloodmilk JewelsHaute MacabreMM FabricationsLa Femme en NoirStephanie InagakiDeandri Scientific WomanMoss Marchen (Sat only)Litte Ghouls (Sat only)Brooklyn TaxidermyIn RoomsL'esqueletCatacomb CultureLizz LopezPheren CoutureMiss HavishamAve RoseOddball OddityKillin Me SoftlyBearded Lady Mystic Museum Brooke Weston (Sun only)Necromance Hollywood (Sun only)Burke & Hare CoDeerwomen (Sat Only)Diaphonized Specimens (Sat only)Black Pheonix Alchemy LabGoldengrove by Margaret CrossKaren Jerzyk PhotoSeance PerfumeFoxbloodAcid Queen JewelryEliza SidneyAlex StreeterPortals of Time Vintage The Black BroomVooDooDollyI Do DeclareRebels & OutlawsBill Crisafi - Burial Ground Memento Mori LAThomas Kuntz (Sat only)Theeth JewelryBlue BayerNyxturnaMichael N WolfOpened JesusDark Art EmporiumMystic DylanFearsomebeastLana CrooksPurevileKaren Bachmann Veneration Of Flight Alison Grayson ArtThe Creeping Museum (Sun only)Beans of JohnPsychic Circle OdditiesFood Trucks:Rice Balls of Fire (Sat only)Rad Coffee

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