See You Yesterday

Event promoter
Thu, May 16 - 19:00

599 Washington St

Walpole, Norfolk County

Performing Acts


On the heels of the sold-out performances of last season’s Bangsokol comes our latest collaboration with Cambodian Living Arts. Artists from Global Arts Corps’ team of post-conflict theatremakers and Cambodia’s Phare Ponleu Selpak have created this visually stunning US premiere. Nineteen Cambodian circus artists utilize their extraordinary physical skills to shatter a legacy of silence. Comprised of second-generation survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, See You Yesterday explores the fragmented narratives these young artists have inherited from their parents and grandparents. As the performers unpack the long shadow of a genocidal regime, they transform isolated memories into a shared story of courage and hope.

“This work is unbelievable...incredible in depth and beauty.”
— The Cambodia Daily

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