Odds Bodkin Beowulf: The Only One

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Sun, Mar 03 - 18:00

91 Winthrop St

Cambridge, Middlesex County

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Join us at Grendel's Den Restaurant & Bar for the most apropos selection in our "Bards & Booze" series with Odds Bodkin. Master Storyteller and Musician, as he tells the Olde English epic that inspired our name! 

Beowulf: The Only One       
Odds Bodkin's latest epic tale, told with 12-string guitar music, is rugged,       
bloody and true to the original poem. Grateful to a Danish king for saving his       
father, a fearless Beowulf sails to Denmark to kill Grendel, a raiding demon.       
With Celtic harp extemporizations, Bodkin fills in the tale with some Viking       
history, including the Medieval Climate Optimum, even how Viking dragon ships       
were water-proofed.

Tickets are for seating at community tables or the bar. Seating begins at 5pm for performance that begins at 5:30 PM. Themed food and drink menu will be offered for purchase, as well as Grendel's Den's regular offerings. The program lasts approximately 90 minutes with intermissions. Please do not plan to arrive after the performance has begun, as this is a live storytelling event that will be disrupted by late arrivals! 

Venue will make an effort to seat parties together when possible. If you do not purchase all tickets for your party together, please email sayhi@grendelsden and inform us of all the names in the group that wish to sit together.

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