Nilanjo Presents 2nd Annual Queen's Day

Sat, Mar 23 - 17:30

UMass Boston Bayside

Boston, Suffolk County

Fashion and Beauty


Queen's Day is an annual event created to spotlight vendors and entrepreneurs, focusing on women run entities although we do welcome all. We want to continue to have events that encourages growth and suppprt in all age groups. Queen's Day gives people opportunity to support our community's businesses, show appreciation to our audience, and engage. We are enhancing this platform to showcase talent ( we have 3 amazing performances - Stulleisha, Lotvs Bvll, and Amelia Ali) and now we have added a couple of conversations! Health, wellness (mental and physical), mentorship, alliance and advocation being our focus of 2019. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS NOT A FASHION SHOW - we do so much more than fashion! Please support and attend!

***We are also looking for additional vendors! Please contact the organizer for more details (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY)****

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