New Year | New You Micro Meditation & Skin Rejuvenation Experience with Neiman Marcus & La Mer

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Thu, Jan 17 - 19:00

Neiman Marcus

Boston, Suffolk County

Fashion and Beauty


Enjoy an exclusive masterclass combining meditation and daily life hacks to reduce the body's stress response by Dr. Olivia Audrey, a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Along with an overview of the best skin regimes for anti-aging and restoration with James Karl, Executive Training Manager for La Mer.

During this class you will be aligned with meditative and mindfulness techniques designed to enhance brain performance, emotional balance and fulfillment and stress management

You will also receive an overview of the exquisite benefits that Genaissance and La Mer offer for luminous glowing skin, complete with a customized skin care regime to keep your skin glowing throughout the new year

A custom menu of sips and light bites designed for glowing skin will be served

Space is limited and a purchase of a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card is required to secure your reservation You will recieve your gift card upon check-in

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