Mystery Victorian age game "Doublebottom House"

Event promoter
Sat, Sep 15 - 14:00

191 Highland Ave

Somerville, Middlesex County

Science Fiction and Fantasy


Join our upcoming "Victorian intrigue" game and be one of the first to experience our unique Questime games. The plot is a detective story inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie.Uncover the mysteries of an abandoned house, participate in an auction of rare Indian jewels, and hear the stories of ladies and gentlemen from high society. You'll enjoy a thrilling mix of hidden secrets, imagination, humor and fear, observation and logic. Who will you become when you step into the Doublebottom House? 
How it works
Our Game Master will lead the game, creating a special atmosphere and providing costumes, accessories, and music to transport your imagination to the Victorian era. Every player has a role and is assigned a few goals which can be achieved through interacting with the other players.For example, for a given character it may be beneficial to marry, to find a hidden diamond, and to poison someone at the end of the game. Even the culprit has more to do than just hide, even the culprit has to solve their own batch of mysteries.
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