Labyrinth Masquerade Ball 2019

Fri, Aug 16 - 22:00

Rendezvous Court

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

Science Fiction and Fantasy


The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball celebrates creativity, enchantment and fantasy within the Royal Courts. Some of the most amazing fantasy artists, costumers and special effects crews participate in bringing a diverse host of creatures and mythologies alive each year. This Masquerade is one of the few classical events open to those who dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a weekend of dance and revelry. Music and visuals heighten your senses in this annual tribute to dreamers and imagination. Within our realms you'll find influences from Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore and stories of fantasy. The Labyrinth Masquerade continues to be a singular experience where dreamers gather, deep within the realms of Sypher.For more information go to

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