John Ferarra and Seth Moutal Duo: Art and Music Revival! (DVD Filming)

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Sat, Jan 12 - 19:00

115 College Ave

Somerville, Middlesex County

Art and Culture


John Ferarra and Seth Moutal Duo: Art and Music Revival!  
                               Two sets ******* DVD Filming ******** Sound Healing ******** Master Class 
"John Ferrara (of Consider the Source) and percussionist Seth Moutal go from sparse minimalism to complex virtuosity with the stroke of a tabla.” - Bass Player Magazine
Join the JFSM Duo for two sets and a soundhealing/master class in this absolutely incredible space, "The Museum of Modern Rennasaince", featured on the Netflix series "Amazing Interiors". They will be filming both sets for a DVD that they will put out later in 2019 which will include some brand new songs by the duo. Come be part of this one time only amazing night or art, spirituality and music!
More about the night: 
The JFSM Duo is unabashedly dedicated, in their music and in how they live their lives, to fulfilling their true nature through art. They bring their strengths, vulnerabilities, emotions (whatever they may be that day), to their writing and performances. They've made a decision to do fewer traditional venue shows and more alternative live experiences. The Duo's goal is to bring an intimate, organic, and honest performance to their audience in hopes that it ignites an inspiration for viewers to create on their own in a way that resonates with them which and initiates a ripple effect to others as well.  In their quest to bring a different kind of live experience,  they've decided to team up with one of the Boston area’s most unique havens for honest art  “The Museum of Modern Renaissance”. The museum is an experience unlike anything you'll ever see. Aside from being an unbelievably stunning place to behold, the artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina are dedicated to creating art with out boundaries, not subscribing to what is normal or trendy , but being honest and expressive, two characteristics that are integral to the JFSM Duo’s ethos… 
Seth’s sound/energy healing session + Master Class: 
Come early and join Seth and John for a group sound and energy healing. John and Seth will be using the power of vibration energy and sound to help put the audience in a state of meditation while adjusting their Auric, and harmonic fields and alining the sacred geometry of their atoms, chakras, hearts, and souls. John will be weaving gentle, intuitive, and thought-provoking sound scapes on a plethora of bass instruments from around the world while Seth will be doing energy and sound healing w sacred drums, rattles, tuning forks, and his own style of energetic healing to help the group release karmic attachments, pain, tension, and to help the participants attract their ideal life path. This will lead into a formal class discussing elements of what the duo does musically, their philosophy on performing and composing and they will be taking questions from the audience.

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