Introduction to Wilderness Survival

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Sun, Jan 20 - 10:00

Botume House Visitor Center

Stoneham, Middlesex County



The wilderness is a place where nature is generally in charge. Thunderstorms, injuries, unexpected gear problems and situations can put even experienced people at risk. This program is all about learning how to be prepared for anything, and how to make ‘nature’ your friend.

Our ancestors figured it out, so these skills are still available to everyone, if they know how to recognize and utilize them.

We will share skills of awareness, safety, weather, essential gear, priorities and best practices. We will also build a shelter and learn about different ways to survive in extreme situations. We will have fun, answer your questions and have a great time exploring everything related to wilderness!

Four hours long in an indoor and outdoor natural setting for activities that include building a debris shelter and practicing various survival skills.
For adults and older teens(14+) .

Teacher: Ricardo Sierra

Duration: 4+ hours
Cost: $60
What to Bring:
Clothes to stay warm.
A backpack
Bottle of water
Any emergency medical supplies you may need
Notebook & Pencil


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