Hunt's Portrait Walk: Lighting Bootcamp

Event promoter
Sat, Jan 12 - 10:00

100 Main St

Melrose, Middlesex County



Join Hunt's Photo Education for our Portrait Lighting Bootcamp, where we will workshop portraits using practical lighting options. Lighting can be intimidating, whether using a speedlight on camera (or off) or a studio strobe. Our goal is to get each attendee more comfortable with the basics of lighting, demonstrate how and why to set up lights in certain ways, and how to create stunning portraits with these lights.

In the workshop, we will create three basic setups with models at each location: Creative lighting portraits; corporate head shots; and full-length portraits. We will utilize both studio strobes and speedlights in order to get you comfortable with using both. 

Most importantly, attendees will be guiding the setup (and take down) of all the gear. This allows for more hands-on working with everything involved with studio lighting, from the light to the light stand to the background.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own gear, but we will begin by using the following gear:
-Elinchrom Strobes
-Speedlights (both brand--Nikon, Canon, Sony-- and non-brand specific--Phottix, ProFoto.
-Phottix & Pocket Wizard Radio Triggers
-Sekonic Lightmeters
-Tethering capabilities for applicable cameras

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