Hunt's Photo Walk: Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham

Event promoter
Fri, Feb 01 - 12:00

154 Moody St

Waltham, Middlesex County



Join Hunt's Photo Education for a look into the past at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham. In this workshop, we will discuss Subject Development, Image Composition, Macro Photography, HDR, Black and White Photography, and Architectural Photography. The industrial revolution changed our country, and the world, forever. The Charles River Museum of Industry is currently housed in what is considered the first ever factory in Waltham, and it now plays the role of housing a history of the tools used in industry. This walk is an excellent chance to photograph the grit of the previous centuries under the Industrial Revolution, and is a chance to work in low-light environments where the lighting sources cannot be controlled and focus on macro photography. For the bulk of the time, we will explore the interior of the museum, looking for images that tell the significant historic story they offer. If weather allows, we will also photograph on the exterior of the location. Join us for a creative day of looking into the past!

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