Gymnastics Clinic at CrossFit City Line (10:00 and 12:00 Sessions)

Event promoter
Sat, Jan 12 - 11:00

69 Howard St

Watertown, Middlesex County



Come learn from a former Division 1 collegiate gymnastics who competed at the 2017 CrossFit Games!  We will go over how to properly warm up for these movements and associated mobility/flexibilty. We will cover how to get better, more efficient movement and also how to get stronger for WODs. All skill levels concerning these movements are welcome! Beginners all the way to someone looking to refine their movements are encouraged to sign up.

Session 1: (10:00-11:30) The focus of this clinic will be handstand positioning, pull ups. Are you looking to get your first pull up or progress to butterfly pull ups? Or more comfortable being upside down in a handstand?
Session 2: (12:00-1:30) The focus of this clinic will be handstand push ups and ring muscle ups. Looking to get more efficient at your current skills or get your first handstand push up or ring muscle up?!

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