Friends Trivia Night "Relationship Questions"

Mon, Feb 25 - 20:00

The Friendly Toast Restaurant

Boston, Suffolk County



Do you know how many times Ross and Rachel broke up and got back together? Do you remember which of Joey's sisters Chandler spent the night with? Do you remember the name of Phoebe's straight ice skating husband?
If you enjoyed our previous "Friends" trivia nights, come and play this new set of questions, all focused on the numerous relationships of your favorite six favorite friends. The game is free to play, and prizes will be awarded to the top scoring teams.
Come play "Friends Relationship" trivia, before we go "on a break"!
PLEASE NOTE: This is a FREE, GENERAL ADMISSON event that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Claiming a ticket does not guarantee a seat at the venue, but rather allows us to gage participation and properly prepare to host the event without issue. We recommend you contact the venue to inquire if they take reservations.

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