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Fri, Feb 15 - 18:00

Hotel The Watson

New York, New York County

Fashion and Beauty


This is your personal invitation to FIFI Fashion Week. FIFI

Fashion Industry Finest Independent Designers Fashion Week features Independent Designers making an impact on the Fashion Community. Located at 4 West 43rd Street, between 6th & 5th Aves, FIFI FW will feature a Pop Up Live Mannequin Boutique where the public can purchase designer garments and accessories, some as low as $40.

The Pop Up Live Mannequin Boutique will run from 12Noon - 2:30pm (visit on your lunch hour and come back for the show) and the Runway Show will start at 7:00pm, one FREE ticket gets you in both. Seating assignments will be given out on a first come first seated bases starting at 4:30pm. Doors will open for people with seating assignments at 5:30pm, once the seating is finished, the standing are let in. From 5:30-6:30pm we have Front Row, Red Carpet and Runway photos and interviews. The show starts at exactly 7:00pm.

After the show, the public can take photos on the Red Carpet and revisit the Pop Up Boutique to get a close up look of the designers garments and purchase or place an order. The entire purpose of the show is to give independent fashion industry talent an opportunity to expand their customer base. We hope you will mark your calendars to attend both the Pop Up Boutique and the Runway show, you will have a great time.

May I suggest you arrive early to get your seating assignment as seating is limited. NOTE: People that visit the Pop Up Live Mannequin Boutique between 12Noon and 2:30pm, can get their seating assignment for the Runway show but must be in line when the doors open for the seating assignment to be honored. If you arrive after 5:30pm your seat will not be honored. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

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