Feeling Sheepish? Pecorino, Brebis and More!

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Tue, Jan 15 - 19:30

67 Smith Pl

Cambridge, Middlesex County



Thanks to the unique composition of the milk that comes from those fluffy ewes, sheep's milk cheeses have incomparable complexity and depth of flavor. At this class you will taste and learn why this type of cheese occupies a special place in cheesemongers' hearts (and in their bellies). We will lead an exploration of the world of sheep's milk cheese from iconic, well-known styles like French brebis, Italian pecorino and Spanish manchego, to more obscure and rarified examples. An eight-course cheese tasting will accompany you on this educational journey that will take you from the Pyrenees to La Mancha to Corsica! As always, the cheese will be paired with traditional condiments, beer and wine. 

NOTE: This class is held at our classroom annex, not our retail location. The annex is located at 67 Smith Place in Cambridge, and we highly recommend reviewing the directions available here. 

Please be aware of our cancellation policy.

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