Democratizing Art and Science

Wed, Feb 13 - 20:00

Wiesner Building

Cambridge, Middlesex County

Art and Culture


Both Joe Akin and Jason Talbot believe in the power of observation, collaboration, and communication in their respective fields and in all of us. Jason Talbot’s undying passion for utilizing the talents of inner-city youths and his ability to see art in everything around him, both helped in his development of Artists For Humanity. Joe Akin, a Novartis researcher has an abiding interest for cutting edge technology. He co-founded a company as he was finishing his graduate work, to better communicate scientific results. The startup REfigure  which aims to Reuse, Reveal, and Recreate, is devoted not only to helping scientists communicate their results but also to contribute to the broader population’s understanding of science. Their conversation will convey their interest in how openness leads to creativity in both fields and in the imperative of egalitarianism in our current culture.

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