Communicating Science Effectively in Today's World

Tue, May 21 - 21:00

425 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County



Communicating science is hard, especially in today's world. Science communicators face multiple challenges, including the war on facts, questionable beliefs, political ideologies, and social influences.   But the ability to communicate science can have a profound impact on policy choices that affect important societal concerns, including public health and public safety.

Thanks to the Luskin Endowment for Thought Leadership, the UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences and the Division of Physical Sciences have assembled a panel of renowned science communicators for a discussion and Q&A. These experts will discuss current challenges to the communication and acceptance of research findings, strategies for effective science communication, and approaches for increasing public engagement and interest in science.
Please join us for a reception at 6 pm, followed by the panel discussion and Q&A starting at 7 pm.

For directions to and parking at the Luskin Conference Center, please click here.

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