COI @ MIT: The People, Policy and Process - IAP 2019: IP Speaker Series

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Fri, Jan 18 - 11:00

25 Carleton St

Cambridge, Middlesex County



COI @ MIT: The People, Policy and Process Behind Financial Conflicts of Interest at MIT
MIT’s sponsored research exceeds $600M annually, with funding received from federal agencies, private foundations, and industry. MIT also has a global reputation for its startup, innovation, and entrepreneurial culture with 25+ startups launched annually in collaboration with the MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO).

This seminar is designed to build your financial conflict of interest (fCOI) knowledge base by presenting the history and evolution of the financial conflict of interest in research regulations, who they impact, what information is collected, and how it is managed.

Rupinder Grewal and Nicole Levidow from the COI office along with Dave McCarthy from the MIT TLO will provide historical context and insight into topics including the discussion of these and other questions:

Given the financial drivers of the for-profit world, how does MIT ensure that objectivity is maintained in its fundamental research activities? 
How does MIT protect research results from influence when an Investigator has outside financial interests?
What kinds of fCOI situations arise in our environment and how do we manage them?

The collaborative efforts of the COI office and the MIT TLO highlights how policy, process, and people have come together to enable the entrepreneurial spirit of MIT.  

This session is part of the "Intellectual Property Speaker Series" co-sponsored by the Technology Licensing Office and MIT Libraries. Lunch will be provided to attendees of the Intellectual Property Speaker Series events. Please register for the seminar and lunch.

We will also be giving away some branded MIT Libraries and Technology Licensing Office swag to participants who attend any 6 sessions from this series, so please check out our other sessions!

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