Capture to Print: Flowers and Macro

Event promoter
Sat, Feb 02 - 10:00

100 Main St

Melrose, Middlesex County



Printing your photos will make you a better photographer. The first step to creating a great print is by understanding how to create a great photograph in the field.Capture-To-Print is an intermediate workshop that focuses not only on photography, but also editing and printing! Half photo workshop, half editing and printing, we will take you through the whole process--from Capture to Print-- to demonstrate what is important in the field, how to effectively process photos, and why printing is a necessity.Our process for this Capture to Print workshop will be a little different from our previous workshops. We will begin in our Melrose classroom with lighting setups and a variety of flowers, which we will photograph over the course of the morning. We will transition from photographing to editing in the early afternoon. Attendees are encouraged to bring their computers--laptops or all-in-ones are fine (iMacs are welcome)--in order to do their own editing. Attendees should have Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop on their computer or a comparable program. We will be available to help with the processing of images during this time. We will then view these edits, critique, and discuss them with the rest of the class while also creating 13x19" prints.This will be a fun and challenging workshop that will walk you through the full process of creating a photograph. The process of printing is integral to developing one's photographic vision.

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