Beginner Flamenco Technique and Props with Laura Sanchez

The Boston Calendar
Fri, Mar 15 - 06:00

the dance complex

Cambridge, Middlesex County



Fridays January 16th to June 28th from 6:00-7:00pm
Learn the basics of flamenco technique while enjoying the art of using props!
This class is perfect for beginner students who may or may not have some previews experience and are looking to push their flamenco skills to the next level. We will take through the basics of flamenco technique, footwork, arms, posture, turns… Every season we will add different props to this class so our students build the necessary skills to learn the choreography on our Flamenco Choreography Class on Sundays (11:30am)
This class is necessary to building the technical beginner flamenco skills to get ready to dance!
We will be working with Mantón (Shawl), Abanico (fan) and Castañuelas (Castanets).
$20 Drop In

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