Basics of Obtaining a Patent: IAP 2019 - Intellectual Property Series

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Mon, Jan 14 - 11:00

25 Carleton St

Cambridge, Middlesex County



The issuance of a patent is often seen as an inventor's most notable achievement, but do you know what it takes to apply for and be issued a patent? This session will review the criteria required and the process by which inventions are assessed by the USPTO to determine if creative works are patentable. 

Jack Turner, Associate Director, and Jonathan Hromi, Intellectual Property Officer, both of the MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO), will discuss the basics of the patent application process, the history and context surrounding patents as a means of protecting commercialization rights, as well as share about the policy and practice of MIT's patenting activities. They'll share insights into how the TLO engages in this process in  support of entrepreneurial engagement at MIT.

This session is part of the "Intellectual Property Speaker Series" co-sponsored by the Technology Licensing Office and the MIT Libraries. Lunch will be provided to attendees of the Intellectual Property Speaker Series events. 

Please register for the seminar and lunch.
We will also be giving away some branded MIT Libraries and Technology Licensing Office swag to participants who attend any 6 sessions from this series, so please check out our other sessions!

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