AI For Drug Discovery: Hype Or Hope?

Event promoter
Mon, Jan 14 - 19:00

Cambridge Brewing Company

Cambridge, Middlesex County



AI brings hope for disrupting drug discovery. Also, it brings a lot of hype, as if no lessons were learnt from previous winters in both AI and computer-assisted drug discovery. 
In this meeting, we will discuss these hopes and hypes. 

Cambridge Brewing Co. at Kendall Square is a particularly suitable place for this discussion: nearby institutions produce a lot of AI research, which sometimes contribute to the hype. 

I blogged about specific examples, coming from:

“AI in drug discovery is overhyped: examples from AstraZeneca, Harvard, Stanford and Insilico Medicine ”

(this post was covered by Boston blogger Derek Lowe: 


'MIT paper in machine learning for drug discovery at ICML 2018: very incomplete'

We will also discuss concrete solutions to this hype problem. 

The meeting is free and open to everyone. 

Organizer: Mostapha Benhenda, PhD, founder of the online AI lab Startcrowd

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