A Feminist Romance Novel, Live!

The Boston Calendar
Fri, Mar 15 - 10:00


Cambridge, Middlesex County

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When their car breaks down at a mysterious ranch, three bold and thoroughly competent women are whipped into a hilarious frenzy of sex, doubt, and betrayal.

​Raunchy, uproarious, sexy, and fresh, "A Feminist Romance Novel, Live! Temptations at Sweetwater Creek" is both a loving send-up and ruthless skewering of paperback romances and rom-coms. It's a show that says all the things your inner monologue thinks when you watch a rom-com, while also highlighting funny women and friendship. It’s Broad City meets Harlequin romance!

Bring your friends, bring your dates - but leave the patriarchy at home where it belongs. In the kitchen.

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