A Better Man Film Screening

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Thu, Nov 08 - 19:30

278 Cardinal Medeiros Ave

Cambridge, Middlesex County



Join us on a cinematic journey sharing one woman's personal healing process as she courageously and gracefully confronts the person who abused her years earlier.
A Better Man / Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackson
(Canada, 2017, 79 minutes)
A brave and deeply personal documentary, A Better Man offers a fresh, nuanced look at the healing and revelation that can happen for when one person begins to take responsibility for abusing their partner. The film depicts co-director Attiya Khan pursuing her personal vision of justice and closure with the man who abused her 20 years ago.
This film depicts emotional scenes that may be triggering and upsetting for viewers, especially survivors of violence. Forthright descriptions of violence are used. Clinicians from Transition House will be available during the film and after to meet 1-1 with viewers if needed and make referrals to appropriate resources.  Transition House is hosting this screening to bring to light one individual’s healing journey, not as an endorsement of any specific healing process. The film will be followed by facilitated discussion with Attiya Khan and other professionals part of the movement to end domestic violence.
“I desperately want domestic violence to stop. Art, storytelling, and deep, painful conversations are an integral part of the solution. By getting closer to the truth of what survivors experience, and of why men choose to use violence, we can help stop the violence. My hope is that this story will motivate others to keep finding creative solutions to a problem that continues to be a global epidemic.”    
– Attiya Khan, Filmmaker 

Hosted by Transition House in collaboration with Landmark's Kendall Square Cinema with generous support from
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