3rd Annual USS | Urban Soils & Remediation Restoration Rehabilitation Regeneration Resilience

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Thu, Dec 06 - 08:45

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway

New York, New York County



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Registration both days 8:45-9:10
REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY. Everyone must register regardless of payment type. If you need to pay at the door or pay via PO/invoice, please register and select "pay at the door". 

2018 Special Features:
CELEBRATING THE LAUNCH of USI’s ART EXTENSION SERVICE! Margaret Boozer and the Red Dirt Studio. Meet the people and what the AES is up to!
SHOW US YOUR SOIL FACE Competition! All you need to do is cover your face with soil, plants or anything you like as long as it’s natural and related to soils. Take a photo of your face and send it to us: symposium@usi.nyc. We’ll take it from there and make sure your image is part of our art installation. Then we will have a vote and pick a winner!

 WORLD SOIL MOSAIC Bring your Soils and their story! Be part of the Mosaic of City Soils through your soils! We are hoping to get a variety of soils and their stories. Please mail them or bring them to the symposium. Instructions: To be able to include your soil in the Mosaic, you must send at least 2 tablespoons of soil in a clear sandwich bag in advance (by December 1st) to USI, 582 Route 524, Allentown, NJ 08501 with your address or city block number and zip code OR bring it with you in a CLEAR sandwich bag.
 AUCTION: Bring your Luck (and a bit of money:)! There will be a lottery auction. Reach out to us if you would like to donate to the auction (symposium@usi.nyc)
*NEW* A YEAR-LONG Symposium!
The symposium is just the beginning; the start of the conversation and deliberations of the theme of urban soils & remediation, restoration, resilience, rehabilitation, recovery, and regeneration. There are so many unknowns, and we believe we need at least a year to ask questions and discover answers. Therefore, we decided to continue the symposium through panels/roundtables/workshops and lecture series that will take place once a month throughout 2019 on specific topics or problems.  Stay tuned, we will post the workshop themes on our website and discuss them at the symposium. If you have questions or ideas, please let us know!

Join the Soil Discussion!
Soils are the common denominator uniting all disciplines, backgrounds, and sectors. We all need soils.
Our cities are built on soils. They are the axis of our urban universe. They scrub our air, filter our water, manage flood, buffer our coasts, support vegetation, food, animals, infrastructure, and...us.
But what happens when we degrade them and the systems they support, devastate them, destroy them, contaminate them..how do they function then? How do urban soils behave? What processes are going on in urban soils? Urban soils, like people, are diverse and complex. We need to learn from them and know them better to understand how to manage them, reverse the damage we’ve caused, and work with them for a better future.
So let’s get together,  because it takes all of us, to collaborate, to understand what we know, what we don’t know, and what we need to do as we strive for a better city and world for our future, and the future of generations to come.

The symposium is the platform for the sciences and other disciplines to communicate and collaborate. It is an integrated and interactive "workshop"- stitching people and their efforts and various programs together to nurture and enable a more holistic approach to solve our human and environmental problems, starting with soils!The speakers will spark the conversation and each participant will be involved in the roundtable discussion. Please come and be part of the conversation!

Who should attend: Community groups, gardeners, farmers, artists, activists, academia, practitioners, industry, government folk/agencies,....everyone interested in urban soils.

Soils unite!
Soils are our common language!
SOIL: Soils Offer Important Lessons

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